What is Vitiligo ?

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In his book entitled “You AreĀ  Alone, Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes“, author and Singer Jermaine Jackson wrote that Prince Michael currently has indicators of vitiligo, spots on his body.

What is Vitiligo?

In accordance with MayoClinic, Vitiligo is really a problem in which your skin loses melanin, the pigment that determines the colour of your skin, hair and eyes. Vitiligo impacts all races, but could be more noticeable in individuals with darker skin. Vitiligo typically begins as small locations of pigment loss that spread with time. There is no cure for vitiligo.

Vitiligo Symptoms

The primary sign of vitiligo is:

  • Pigment loss that generates milky-white patches (depigmentation) in your skin
  • Premature whitening or graying of the hair in your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard
  • Loss of colour in the tissues that line the within of the mouth (mucous membranes)
  • Loss of or change in color in the inner layer of the eye (retina)

Michael Jackson Autopsy Report – Vitiligo

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http://blogs.bet.com/news/pamela/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/michael-jackson.jpgMichael Jackson’s full autopsy report was already released pursuing the filing of involuntary manslaughter charges on Monday against the singer’s personal doctor. Pursuing are some notable or new illustrates with the Los Angeles County Coroner’s report into Jackson’s June 25 death.

  • Jackson died of “acute propofol intoxication” administered at a level equal to that used during anesthesia for “major surgery”. A consultant anesthesiologist said there were “no reports of the company’s easy use in insomnia relief.”
  • Probably none of the recommended monitoring, precision dosing or resuscitation equipment was specific to Jackson’s room.
  • Jackson had skin skin tones disorder vitiligo, with white patches particularly on his chest, abdomen, face and arms.
  • The hair on Jackson’s head was described initially by police as “sparse and attached to a wig.” The autopsy revealed “frontal balding”.
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