Lindsay Lohan Fingernail Message

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Lindsay Lohan had a unique message for your court on Tuesday, and she painted it on her fingernail. The eagle eyes at WWTDD noticed that on Lohan’s middle finger, generally held to her lips, was the message “Fuck U.”

She was sentenced to 90 days in jail at the probation violation hearing. Furthermore bursting into tears, Lohan covered her face at one point with the paper she took notes on. That’s beneath the finger photo.

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Indrani, Lindsay Lohan’s New Lover

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Filed under: entertainment’s back to labia for Lindsay Lohan! The scandal-bitten starlet, 23, has reportedly been secretly bumping pelvis all over Los Angeles with lndrani, a 36-year-old photographer the actress met throughout a photoshoot previous fall.

It was Indrani (also called Julia I. Pal-Chaudhuri) herself who dropped dime on Lohan’s latest lezzie adore affair in a scoop towards The New York Post on Tuesday.

We have been spending a lot of time together. I have never had a relationship with a woman before, but Lindsay is just somebody who I find fascinating, gorgeous and extremely smart, as well as super-hot,” the snapper squealed. “Lindsay gets a lot of bad press, but she’s a really strong, creative woman and is trying really hard to get her life in a good, positive place.”

Markus Klinko, Indrani’s organization partner, has been dutifully maintaining mum around the romance for months. He thinks Lindsay — an accused pill-popper on her final leg professionally — may be the perfect mate for his friend.

Lindsay and Indrani have been seeing each other since we shot her last fall. I’ve seen them on dates, I have seen them making out . . . Indrani is a good influence on Lindsay,” Klinko admits. “She is the opposite of a party girl — a Princeton graduate, she’s into art and is a philanthropist — not what you’d expect the typical girl for Lindsay to go out with. When they are together, they talk about art and the deeper meaning in life.”

Lohan previously dated famed lesbian spinner DJ Samantha Ronson for two years before the two split previous year.

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Lindsay Lohan is feuding with the E-Trade babies

March 10, 2010 by · 3 Comments
Filed under: actress, entertainment Lohan is feuding with E-Trade babies. The actress has filed a $100 million legal action claiming a television ad for the Wall Street firm that aired during the Super Bowl and Olympics was modeled after her.

Talking babies inside the ad engage in chatter that is the word for “milkaholic Lindsay.” The 23-year-old actress has famously sought drug abuse treatment.

Lohan’s name was never mentioned. But her New York lawyer contends that “Lindsay” can be an equally recognizable moniker on her client — prefer that of Oprah or Madonna.

Lohan’s legal team is seeking an injunction stop future airings.

An E-Trade spokeswoman is declining to comment.

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