asking me about New York ?

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New York City, never been there, but already hear about it a lot. If you ask me about what I think of New York, first thing jump of my mouth for the first time is ‘ Frank Sinatra !! Fiona Apple !!! ‘ yeah, mind my being in interest in music and movie please :D . Off course New York is not just about that, like then I will mention Empire State ( wuu…. it reminds me to great King Kong, great dramatic movie) , then .. umm …. Central Park ( wow, it’s so Linkin’ Park) , Liberty !! , or else United Nations’ headquarter ( I can’t control it, my nervous whispers The Interpreter Movie ).

Ok, I can’t stop my brain from connecting the word ‘New York’ and all this cool movies and music. Now I even consider how cool it will be if I can spend my holiday in New York City tours. I’m gonna have a three days off,  I’m sure it’s gonna be fabulous to be in New York.

I’m gonna have my trip to the max there. Exploring New York City with cruising, having helicopter rides, witness the great architecture of Saint John the Divine Cathedral. Then going back home here, with bunch of photo stills, and videos. Well well, I feel like I’ve rambling for too long. Blame yourself for asking me about New York .

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