5 Places in India You Must Visit in this Lifetime

India is an incredible country rich in historical sites and establishments. The region stretches from the north to south and from west to east parts with each region having its own unique culture and traditions. It can be observed that with every 200 miles you travel, the language of people varies. Therefore this makes India a unique country to explore. If you’re an explorer of ancient history, then the southern part of the country puts an opportunity to witness thousands of temples, some of them were made using advanced technologies. While if you’re an avid traveler and likes to witness the mighty mountains then you can travel to the northern part of India which includes Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh. There are thousands of places to visit in India which make it even harder to choose the right place. We have trimmed down the numbers and handpicked the 5 best places to visit in India.



The Southern state of India is often called the Gods Own Country. And the reason is for its rich biodiversity, rich natural sightings. Kerala is famous for its languid backwaters and when visiting there one has to take a cruise ride on the famous Kettuvalam, which is boathouse converted from traditional rice barge.  Another important site to visit is Munnar, which is a hill station famous for its safari ride, tea garden tours, and deep jungle tours and trekking on the hills.


Its old name is Banaras and is considered as the spiritual capital of India. If you want to understand Hinduism deeper and better you must visit it. It’s situated on the banks of the river Ganges, which is considered to be the holiest river in India.  The place offers different vibes from the busy city life, a typical morning in Varanasi starts with bathing in the holy Ganges. Throughout the day you will witness people performing different forms of worship. The acts continue till the sun sets and people go back to rest.

#Himalayas ( Indian)

The Himalayas are a range of mountain that runs across the northern part of India. It provides breathtaking scenes and thus makes one of the places to visit when visiting India. You can visit many places such as trekking trails, national parks, mountain caves, and lakes etc. The people living in the hills are friendly and welcoming.So if you want to a break from the hectic and spend some time in nature you should visit it.

#Golden Triangle

Agra, Jaipur and Delhi collectively are called the Golden Triangle. Major and famous sights are covered in it so this makes it important places to visit. Delhi should be the starting point; it is the capital city of India and has some important historical sites under its belt. Next, the famous Taj mahal is located in Agara, then followed by Jaipur which is known as the ‘Pink City ’ of India.

#North East India

North East India is a collection of 8 states. These are famous for its beautiful natural scenery that includes National Parks, Tea Garden, Waterfalls, Natural Caves, and Mountain Step Cultivation etc. People living in these places are very lively. It’s best to visit it during festivals and holidays as people there prepare feast, dance and make merry.




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