3 Ways In Which Tourism Helps To Develop Country

Tourism is a practice of doing business in traveling and it includes attraction of tourist, accommodation and entertaining them. It can be local tourism, national tourism, and international tourism. The word tourism was first used in 1772. A country which is rich in natural resources and rich in culture becomes a natural tourist destination selection. Although some countries without having many natural resources are able to attract tourists by creating amusement parks, skyscrapers, and artificial beaches, etc. We created a list of 3 ways how tourism helps to develop a country.


# Strengthen Economy Of A Country

Tourism is a multimillion-dollar business. Every year a country collects huge sum money in form of taxes from the industry. The government of a country usually allows private organizations to build establishments with a condition to collect some amount in the form of taxes. Some government has set up their own agency to handle tourist spots and the revenue generated goes directly to the government. Countries like USA, China, Germany, Japan, and UK has the biggest tourism industry in the world and therefore contributes to their economy. Other countries economy like Macau, Maldives, Bahamas is totally dependent on tourism.

#Generates Employment Opportunities

Tourism helps the country by generating employment opportunities. When new agencies are set up they require manpower so it creates job opportunities for the skilled person. For example, every year 18 million tourists visit Disneyland every year. To handle such a big amount of people requires a lot of manpower. If enough people are not recruited then the organization will be mishandled and thus will suffer loss. To avoid such more people have to be recruited, thus it’s fair to say that tourism generates employment opportunities. It helps in solving the unemployment issues of a country.

#Exposure To New Culture

When a tourist visits a new country they bring their culture and traditions along with them. The people on the receiving end get the opportunity to learn the new language, culture. This helps people to explore and learn new thing about the world. It can help the new tourists to feel more homely if tour guides know things about their country.

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