divorce in my perspective

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If I count there are more than twenty kinds of infotainment which is aired on tivi within one day. And when it comes to up-breaking or divorce relationship of celebrity, you have no idea how rumble it is on tivi. It has even been generalized that the public love it more to hear or witness gossips or stories about up-breaking and divorce,  than romance and marriage matter. What ?. I have no idea where this kind of assumption comes from.

I am not married yet, so it will be too much out of portion if I do analysis on divorce. But I believe that in our nature as human, no couples in the world plan to give up their marriage and divorce. From what I saw on tv and read in articles, divorce has so many things to solve, from children matters, states matter, until property matters. Most of the time, it needs a legal aids, and the hands of experts like consultant or case manager.

Perhaps the assumption about divorce of celebrity above is true. At least it can give us a clear view, and what kind of solvent that can be taken. Though it is hard to believe, we can not deny that divorce sometimes can be the best solvent. Divorce is not a matter of winning or loosing, but it is a matter of human life, especially when it has been connected with children growing and raising. A child in me speaking, I wish that parents and all couple consider the best solution, and not speaking their ego.


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  1. iceu soviati says:

    I do agree that no couples in the world plan to give up their marriage and divorce..but I also do agree that divorce can be the best solution for both parent and children for getting a happy life… In some case, each couples get a better life after divorce..also their children..

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