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There are many kinds of games around us lately, from kids games to teenage games. Or else from the games type, there are fun games, adventures, sport, automotive games, fashion games, strategic games, etc. Off course it is up to the consumers to choose which one they choose for their own to play.

How come there are so many kinds of games anyway ? well if I may say, it’s the consumers senses, request or also the revolutionary thought behind games creators.

These days, online game has been quite familiar in all of the kinds too. One among those games is called UMOO. UMOO is a virtual stock market games, an online games which is based on the real stock market situation. If we become a member of stock market game online, we will be provided with the latest and valid market data, we will be given various research tools and information toward the real stock market that exist.

This virtual games encourage us to meet traders competitors, playing in trading competition, win or loose the stock market game just like if we play in real stock market. It is also completed with real time quotes, and online customers’ chat with support team. This game will be a good exercise for anyone to practice their skills towards finance management.


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  1. Jamario says:

    I saw Umoo but I like Forevex far more because it has different kind of stocks. I’m playing at forevex, because I have options to win real money or prizes for free.

    Forevex is a stock exchange game where everything is ruled by the fame of the stocks. At forevex quotes athletes, politicians, actors, musicians, brands, etc… And the benefits can be changed for real money and/or prizes as you like.

    Check the game here:

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